hodl_watch_mens Unisex Round Plastic Watch(Model 302)


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* 3.25 Oz. Diameter (watch face): 1.46″. Width (watchband): 0.71″. Thickness (watch): 0.31″. Length (whole watch): 9.33″.
* Designed for fashion men & women, stylish and personalized.
* Medium custom 100% plastic quartz watch.
* Soft custom plastic watch strap and hard plastic watch winder.
* Stainless steel metal bottom cover and custom watch buckle.
* High quality stainless quartz cassette mechanism and battery.
* Vivid fashionable design & Special for custom.
* Designer Tip: To ensure the highest quality print, please note that this product’s recommended uploaded image size in pixels (W x H): 177 x 177 or higher.

Weight 92.000 lbs

One Size